11 Amazingly Unusual Uses for Coca Cola

Coca-Cola, having been around since the end of the 19th century, could very well be the first brand of cola ever created. The Coca Cola company created something that would become the favorite cola brand of many generations across over 200 countries. While most people would only consider using Coca Cola to quench their thirst we have 11 amazingly unusual uses for Coca Cola to share today.

Coca Cola is perhaps the biggest brand in the world. It’s such a major brand that it is considered to the second most popular word in the word after “hello”. This means that most people likely keep some Coca Cola in their homes at all times. Which is a little scary given how bad for you it is! Coca Cola is as acidic as battery acid and really slows down your metabolism.

It’s also suspected that people who drink Coca Cola will develop caffeine dependence and various mineral deficiencies including magnesium, calcium and vitamin A. Don’t let this think there aren’t some uses for Coca Cola though. It just maybe shouldn’t be used for the body and instead should be used for the following things.

1111- Smell Remover

Smell Remover
Smell Remover

It can be pretty bad when smells start to develop in the bathroom. It can become uncomfortable to stay in the bathroom for the amount of time it takes to have a bath and wash your clothes. This problem will soon be a thing of the past though. All you need to do is fill up a bucket with some water, add a can of Coke and detergent and start scrubbing. The smells will be gone in no time.