Trump Turnberry Hotel and Golf Course (Scotland)
Trump Turnberry Hotel and Golf Course (Scotland)

Many people were surprised to hear that Donald Trump might choose to live somewhere other than the White House. Given that the man owns luxury properties around the world, can anyone really be surprised? Here are the top ten Trump mansions that are more luxurious than the White House!

1010- Trump Tower Apartment (Manhattan, New York)

Trump Tower Apartment (Manhattan, New York)

The most extravagant property Trump owns is probably the three-storey apartment on top of the Trump Tower in New York City. Given that the penthouse apartment is filled with 24-karat gold and marble, it feels more like a showroom than an actual home. This Presidential home has been modelled on the Palace of Versailles and features a front door encrusted with gold and diamonds, Greek-themed ceilings, and an Painfully Ordinary view of Manhattan. This is seriously over the top, but it’s also worth at least $10 million more than the White House.